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Mirjana Prljević - Founder and CEO

SQUARE COMPASS CONSULTING d.o.o. is the first company in Southeast Europe to start his expertise in providing consulting services in the field of market research studies as a basis for defining a strategy for positioning several target groups: companies, small and medium enterprises, non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce, cities and local governments, magazines, and other legal entities.

Mirjana Prljević is a world-renowned advisor with twenty-five years of experience in strategic positioning in the fields of entrepreneurship and business intelligence.

She is the founder, owner and director of Square Compass Consulting d.o.o. founded in 1993 in Belgrade.

Her book – practicum “Positioning strategy as the key to success” has been published in seven languages.

She is the author of dozens of professional texts and analyzes in the field of strategic positioning of countries, cities and organizations, sustainable development, economic diplomacy, youth entrepreneurship and startup companies..

ing. Branko Dimitrijević

Branko Dimitrijević is the lead auditor of the IATF 16949:
2016 Automotive Quality Management System, the lead auditor of ANAB certified ISO 9001 quality management systems, and the auditor of the ISO 14001 environmental management system based in Windsor, Ontario.

Branko graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, and then completed a two-year master’s program in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Integrated Manufacturing at the University of Strathclude in Glasgow.

Branko turned the knowledge he gained during his schooling into competencies of practical experience in introducing and evaluating the Management System, and training employees at all levels in production and service organizations throughout North America and Europe.

Dr Jelena Čudić – International Mediator

Jelena Čudić, the youngest authenticated Diplomatic International Mediator in Italy and EU, with the titles of International Business Mediation of the Milan-London Stock Exchange since 2005 and enrollment in Arbitration & Mediation by the Italian Ministry of Justice and EU.

Jelena graduated from faculties in Belgrade, Siena and Milan, and in her Doctorate in Media Marketing, she guided the pioneering steps in the establishment of International Mediation in its protective normative in South Europe. Her knowledge is also applied in International Cooperation with Institutions, Law Enforcement advisory and Education. Throughout the acquisition of her specializations, she receives specific recognitions from the faculties for Negotiation, Structural Organization and Diplomatic Marketing. Following in her career are the specific recognitions from the EU and USA Committees for technical skills and banking/insurance procedures in Transparency Law. Since 2011, she enforces the reintroduction of validity of Russian and singular Eastern Laws in the field of applied Mediation for companies and the cooperation of the Universities and Arbitrary Chamber. Since this segment of Legal Mediation and International Arbitration, her reach through legal structures for business and finance in companies and institutions alters – she activates her career as the Principal Finance Advisor and Arbitrary Member. Her knowledge and experience is mostly used for the benefit of companies in expansion of their business to more countries, and during her 20 years of cooperation with various structures – as the Intl Med for companies and Funds in the areas of Finance, Stock Statements, Trading and Organizational Structures, stretches to other specializations in International Legal Mediation and Arbitration within many successful projects in industries/Corporations reaching up to 1bil.

Since 1993…

Numerous projects and experience of the SQUARE COMPASS CONSULTING team are reflected in the provision of organizational services and support within an integrated approach: various stakeholders, from ministries and chambers to local governments and faculties, the conceptualization of project tasks and their implementation, primarily through the following projects: INTEEGRAL ®: International Energy Efficiency Source of Knowledge, T²: TESLA SQUARE®, Academy of Small Geniuses TESLA GENIUS®, TESLIANUM® Almanac, GIM OF SERBIA ™: Geographical Information Network of Serbia in the function of attracting DSI CONTINUM: Improving startup business through small member companies RAREI Belgrade SCIENT: Small Cities Energy Efficient Innovative Action, and others.



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In relation to the challenges posed by your business, you can hire us in the form of online consultations, IN-HOUSE lectures, workshops or seminars,
all this in response to the question of diagnosing your business, positioning or repositioning your organization, detailed analysis of all phases of your business,
with the goal of more successfully defining your success strategy.


This exceptional 74-page publication provides an insight into the life and work of the greatest inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla, and brings his work closer to the wide audience. When we decided to make the TESLIANUM Almanac, we intended to present to you, as much as we can, the Mind of Nikola Tesla, that fascinating, unique, open, constructive and, above all, Free Mind that left us an infinite number of treasures that we use today. The TESLIANUM Almanac is a special award for successful students, as inspiration for future great minds who now sit in school desks, but also their teachers, an indispensable part of every library, both school and home.


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T² is a project of a modular concept.

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